The fish is always fresh-caught in Bonaire's waters
The fish is always fresh-caught in Bonaire's waters
Dine under the stars and watch the sun set into Kralendijk Bay from the rooftop terrace  
Dine under the stars and watch the sun set into Kralendijk Bay from the rooftop terrace.

Unbelievable Restaurant is one of Bonaire's most innovative eateries, already well known for delicious seafood or steak platters.  The fresh fish is caught by local fishserman, Nachu, and comes directly from Bonaire's surrounding waters and can be prepared in so many succulent ways that many patrons can't choose which they wish to enjoy!

The sirloin and rib-eye steaks are USDA-certified Choice and tenderloins are from Argentina, a location well known for succulent and juicy beef.

If ordering the shrimp or scallops, prepare yourself to enjoy big prawns or sea scallops, because Unbelievable uses only jumbo shrimp (16-20) and the best scallops available.

The desserts and cakes are fresh and home-made, so those dining will enjoy the experience from appetizer through dessert.  View the extensive menu.

Dinner is served on the roof-top terrace, where the breeze is always warm and gentle and the sea view is fantastic.  However, even on Bonaire, there's occasional rain, and then the air-conditioned main-floor dining room is another option (the downstairs dining room is also available for groups or special occasions).  The main-floor bar has unbelievably chic décor.

The restaurant has already received many commendations, but recommendations from other dining patrons always are the most important. Read what other Bonaire visitors say about Unbelievable.

Unbelievable is owned and operated by Bonairean-born Robby Matthew, who is well known in the island's restaurant industry and who has lived his whole life on Bonaire.  He custom-designed and built the building himself and now he manages the restaurant with his wife, Mary.  The duo are simply Unbelievable!

To make a dinner reservation, call 717-3000 or cellular 786-7032,or send an email. Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and Kompa Leon are all accepted.


To learn more about Bonaire, visit InfoBonaire or The Bonaire Insider


J.A. Abraham Blvd. #29
Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean
Phone: +599-717-3000 or cellular +599-786-7032

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